How can I install S4S if I'm not using Sitecore WFFM?




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    Tony Kiernan

    If I drill down and delete this, I do not have permissions to do so (I do have administrator rights on the machine I am using). 

    Unzipping the package deleting and compressing again is losing metadata (or something) and the package does not install properly.

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    Dev Support

    Hi, we have tested this and see the behaviour you mention. When you drill down into the original zip (which contains you cannot delete the item directly without that security message.

    What we did is to extract the original zip resulting in an unzipped Sitecore for Salesforce - Core-x.x folder. Now drilling down into it allows you to delete the WFFM module.

    Then we deleted the out of the original file and dragged the entire modified across to the original. We do not get any metadata errors and are able to install the modified package successfully.

    Remove WFFM module.docx
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    Tony Kiernan

    Yes, that seems to have done it. Thanks

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